We know that delicious coffee starts with the bean. Our amazing blend of evenly roasted espresso beans ensure a superior cup of coffee every time. Our baristas are trained to pull the perfect espresso shot – combining the right water temperature at the right pressure, with the right bean and the right grind.

We pride ourselves in serving unique beverages that you won’t find in any other coffee shop. Whether they are new to the market or drinks we create ourselves, you’re sure to find our selection offers the best cup of joe in town.

You can expect the same careful attention and fresh ingredients when you pair your drink with one of our breakfast sandwiches or appetizing paninis.




Espresso & water  



Espresso with foamy milk



Steamed milk & brewed coffee



Espresso, steamed milk, milk or white chocolate



Espresso & steamed milk



Espresso shots shaken over ice

Flat White

07.Flat White

Espresso with an equal amount of steamed milk

Cafe Breve

08.Cafe Breve

Espresso & steamed half & half 

Hot BeveragesSizes: 12oz. 16oz. 20oz. 24oz.

Brewed Coffee

01.Brewed Coffee

Available in a wide variety of flavors, including caramel, hazelnut,...

Spiced Cider

02.Spiced Cider

Coffee and apple cider mixed.  

Hot Chocolate

03.Hot Chocolate

Available in milk or white chocolate, and in childrens' sizes 

Chai Tea Latte

05.Chai Tea Latte

Original or spicy 

Hot Tea

06.Hot Tea

Available in a wide variety of flavors, including Blackberry Sage,...

Cold Drinks
Sizes: 16oz. 20oz. 24oz. 32 oz.

Iced Coffee

01.Iced Coffee

Available in a wide variety of flavors, including caramel, hazelnut,...

Iced Teas

02.Iced Teas

Black Tea, Green Tea or Raspberry Vanilla Mint 

Italian Creme Soda

03.Italian Creme Soda

Soda water mixed with any of our available flavors 

Other Treats

04.Other Treats

Red Bull sodas, flavored milks, orange juice, juice boxes, bottled...

Frozen Drinks



Available Flavors: Red Bull, Mango, Pina Colada, Peach, Wildberry, Strawberry...



Available Flavors: Coffee, Caramel, Mocha, White Mocha, Cookies & Cream,...

Breakfast SandwichesBagels: Blueberry, Everything, Cinnamon Raisin, Plain
Cream Cheese: Plain, Strawberry, Chive & Onion Muffins: Blueberry, Coffee Cake Croissants

Mini Bagel

01.Mini Bagel

A mini bagel (or croissant or toast) served with one...

The Heavy Drop

02.The Heavy Drop

Served on a bagel, croissant or toast. 2 eggs with...

 Lox & Capers

03. Lox & Capers

Lox (smoked salmon) & capers on a bagel with cream...

Salami & Cream Cheese

04.Salami & Cream Cheese

Bagel, cream cheese, creamy mustard & your choice of bagel....

Panini SandwichesAdd chips & a pickle to anything for only $2.25

Cuban Panini

01.Cuban Panini

Italian bread, sliced ham, roast pork, bread & butter pickles,...

ham & cheese panini

02.ham & cheese panini

Italian bread, housemade pesto, ham & your choice of cheese.

Monte Cristo

03.Monte Cristo

Italian bread, strawberry jelly, ham & Swiss cheese, topped with...

steak & cheese

04.steak & cheese

Served with grilled veggies (onions, bell pepper & mushrooms) and...

turkey, bacon, guac

05.turkey, bacon, guac

Served with cheese and our own housemade pesto sauce. 

Chicken Caesar Wrap

06.Chicken Caesar Wrap

Served with provolone, tomato, onion, bacon & housemade slaw in...

Coffee Beans


Extra Flavor Pump

01.Extra Flavor Pump

Regular or sugar-free 



Almond, soy, coconut, macadamia nut & half & half 



Protein powder or hangover powder 



Fries, Hash Browns

For The Kids!

grilled cheese

01.grilled cheese

Served with your choice of cheese



Grilled with a sprinkling of cinnamon & sugar

pizza panini

03.pizza panini

Pepperoni or Canadian bacon with cheese

Jump SpecialsSizes: Hot- 12oz. 16oz. 20oz. 24oz.
Cold- 16oz. 20oz. 24oz. 32 oz.

Morning Sunrise

01.Morning Sunrise

Orange creamsicle smoothie topped with espresso 

All American

02.All American

Espresso, steamed milk & a creamy blueberry flavor

The Jump

03.The Jump

Espresso & brewed coffee

Perfect Landing

04.Perfect Landing

Espresso, steamed milk & peanut butter mocha flavor



Extra espresso & steamed half & half 

Sky Dragon

06.Sky Dragon

Espresso, steamed milk & creamy cinnamon flavor

Caramel Macchiato

07.Caramel Macchiato

Espresso, steamed milk, vanilla flavor with hints of caramel